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Breakthrough your growth plateau with our blueprint for scalable results

Breakthrough your growth plateau with our blueprint for scalable results

Finanza Coach Mission: Help CEOs Achieve
Their Wildest, Most Audacious Dreams.

by maximizing their business, their people, and their lives.

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Strategic Growth Planning for Privately Held Companies

  • Are you ready to implement a blueprint for growth that is as ambitious as you are?
  • Are your people and your leadership team as passionate and motivated as you are to reach growth goals?

Or, Has Your Growth Stalled Out?

  • Are you stuck in a never ending cycle, not giving you the time to break through your growth plateau and scale up?

What you need is an experienced growth architect who can help you:

  • design your growth plan;
  • maximize your market potential;
  • realize the full capacity of your leadership team;
  • and free you up to achieve your wildest dreams.

Is it easy? No, of course not. But it is eminently doable. It takes an open mind, dedication, and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

I have just one question…Are You Ready?

  • Travis Kindler

    From Stagnation to Rapid Growth

    Within two years, we went from a period of stagnation to rapid growth. Dale’s coaching and guidance led to an increase in employee engagement and morale of more than 50% and we are well on our way to a record year. Revenue has increased by 25.6% and net profitability is up by 104.3%

    Travis Kindler
    CEO & Visionary
    Kinco Gloves


Radical transparency is more than open book management. Radical transparency means being open-hearted, being vulnerable, being honest, being curious, and building trust at all levels of the organization. Trust in your leadership team, trust in your employees. When all of your team members have the information, the tools, and the training that they need to do their best work, they begin to think like owners. When they think like owners and have some “skin in the game” they get curious, they think outside of the box, they learn to innovate and become experts in their fields. They learn to see how their daily actions impact the health of the company and of their own livelihood. They become genuinely interested in giving  you their very best work, every single day. This is the secret sauce that takes you from good to great, that allows you to grow predictably and sustainably. That’s what we are striving for. That’s when everything changes.

Our Blueprint for Growth

  • Creates a growth-optimized system supported by the right strategy with an infrastructure designed to scale
  • Determines how to make the right hires
  • Designs the right compensation plans and structures for longevity
  • Builds a culture of winning, accountability, and transparency
  • Transforms your leadership style from managing to coaching, unlocking the full potential of your employees.

Start with a Strong Foundation

When you have a strong foundation, you have freedom. Freedom from the constant worry and frustration of carrying the entire weight of the company on your shoulders. Freedom from trying to be a facilitator and a participant in your Scaling Up strategy. Freedom from micro-managing. Freedom to get out in the market place and spend your time where it really counts – with your customers.

When you have the right employees doing the right work at the right time, without the need to micro-manage, you have a strong foundation. 

About Finanza Coach:

  • Led 2 companies through successful exits.

  • Helped a consumer goods company achieve high leverage changes in shipping, sales, and distribution that resulted in several millions in annual savings.

  • Helped a high growth company create an employee culture of mini-CEOs and ownership resulting in a 26% increase in revenue and 100% increase in net profit.

Dale Meador
Dale Meador Certified Growth Coach

Because I am a fellow entrepreneur that has experienced all aspects of what encompasses running and growing a business, I have the tools to help you succeed. I utilize the Great Game of Business, Scaling Up, and 3HAG Way methodologies in my approach to radically growing your company. I firmly believe in teaching financial literacy to all employees, thus allowing everyone to think and act like an owner. We pay our employees to think, we need to equip them with the right information so they can. The results of practicing this type of radical transparency are monumental and speak for themselves.

What Clients Say

“When we started working with Finanza Coach our company’s mindset was management vs the world. Dale helped us change our model to embrace radical transparency, where every team member receives training in financial literacy. They understand how their choices impact the company as a whole, their co-workers, and our customers. They know the difference between gross sales and net profit. Now, everyone practices critical thinking, planning, and strategy. This has a waterfall effect that has radically changed our corporate culture from a ‘us vs them’ mindset to a unified whole, where employees think like owners. As a result, employee engagement and morale are up by at least 50%, revenue has increased 26%, and profitability has doubled in less than 2 years.”
Travis Kindler | CEO & Visionary
Kinco Gloves

“Our ability to plan for economic events has increased from a routine of 6 week fire drills to a solid 8-9 month forecast that easily saved us $500,000 to $1 Million  a year.”
Eric Cress | Principal
Urban Development + Partners

Who I Work With

Ideal clients that work with me are leadership teams in established small and mid-size businesses (typically $10-50 million) that are frustrated with a plateau and inconsistency, and ready for predictable business growth. These leaders are emotionally open and big-hearted who care deeply about making others’ lives better and are willing to be radically transparent.

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get tips to exponentially grow your potential
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